Pharmacy Set Up

When completing dermal fillers it will be necessary to have a pharmacy account to be able to access certain items such as your emergency kit and numbing cream. This is because these items are prescription only medications and are not available to purchase without a prescription.


There are several pharmacies that keep a wide variety of items in stock that you will require here are a few examples

  • Acre
  • Teleta
  • Fox Pharma
  • Healthxchange
  • Church Pharmacy

Most will allow you to set up an account online, they will all require you to provide proof of your ability to perform aesthetic services and insured to carry out the treatment to. Ensure you have copies of your certificates and insurance to hand to upload when setting up an account.

Within the pharmacy there are a range of products that are POM only and others that are general purchase but can also be placed on a prescription should you wish.

Most pharmacies are Monday to Friday only and deliver next day, with a 3pm cut off.

Prescriptions are exempt of VAT and non scripts are VAT chargeable.