Partnering With Your Prescriber

A prescriber is an essential part of your safety net and support network.

Here at Creative Touch we are very fortunate to have Vonna Lucas working with us as our on site prescriber and educator.

To link with Vonna you will need to have your account with your pharmacy set up.

Most pharmacies are online, linking is a simple process of clicking the sector of link with a prescriber.

The following details will be required.

Name: Yuvonna Lucas


Working hours – Monday-Friday 9,30am to 12,30

Prescription turnaround within 48 hours

Contact via WhatsApp on 07734354263

Prescription fee £25

To begin contact with Vonna, give a message via Whatsapp introducing yourself and that you have trained with Creative Touch. She will support your prescription needs from there.

Initial set up with Vonna requires you have send submission of proof of ID, Certification of training and current insurance