How To Complete Your Course

Now your enrolled there is a range of steps to be followed, beginning with your course units this will be the main foundation of your study. and reference for later date.

The units will take you through the stages required to understand how to safely and effectively complete a professional service. These have a wealth of knowledge packed in to ensure maximum knowledge is given to you as the learner at home before attending your practical.

To access your units click on the unit itself and the unit name will highlight, click the highlighted section and the manual will begin to download. On some devices this can take a few minutes as they are large files.

There are seven units to complete

Unit 1 – is a home self paced learning unit, this means you must study all aspects and have a clear understanding of its content. Parts of the unit will be mentioned in your practical study day but the majority of it is pre study to prepare you for practical training.

There is a quiz to complete at the end of this unit

Unit 2 – is also a home study learning unit based around anatomy and physiology, contraindication’s and client consultation. Again this will be discussed but is a preparation unit for the practical elements of the course.

There is a quiz to complete at the end of this unit

Unit 3 – is your product and equipment section, we start to look at the items you will need to complete a service and the courses you may want to offer within your clinic.

There is no quiz for this unit

Unit 4 – is the treatment section itself, here you will find a huge range of knowledge around completing the treatment to an industry professional standard. This unit should be read fully prior to attending the class but the full content of it will be covered in the practical element of the training.

There next two sections are video based training showing some basic techniques of dermal filler services and dissolving techniques.

Unit 5 – is complications management, this has a wealth of knowledge of the risks and side effects related to the treatment.

Unit 6 – is filler dissolving, this covers the dissolving needs and protocols for both elective and emergency. Both units 5&6 will be covered in depth during your complications management training session.

Unit 7 – is first aid, this is essential to have a clear understanding of how to administer first aid when providing advanced practitioner services such as dermal filler. Those taking our first track course will attend the ofqual regulated first aid at work course as part of their study programme. For those who wish to add first aid training please contact the centre for availability.

All quizzes will need to be completed with an 80% or above pass rate for certificate to be issued. Each quiz has a three chance retake.

Your practical day in class is a hands on treatment day, where we give you opportunities to complete a range of practical assessments to a variety of clients.

Video training is to learn from and use as references we ask that you enjoy it learn from it, BUT please do not try any aspects of the service prior to your practical training session as injuries can occur without adequate training.