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PRP Facial (Vamp)

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What is PRP?
Other than being the celebrity facial must have!
PRP is Platelet Rich Plasma. By using plasma taken from the patient’s own body it is possible to repair, rejuvenate and return loss of volume to the skin and restore hair growth.

This course will cover the use of PRP for facial rejuvenation, neck rejuvenation and hair restoration.

This training day also covers the phlebotomy and extraction of blood for aesthetic purposes.

What does PRP involve?
A small sample of the patient’s blood is taken from their arm using phlebotomy techniques with a venepuncture to take live blood and placed into a centrifuge, which spins it very rapidly to separate the plasma from the red blood cells. The plasma is reintroduced back to the treatment using Meso and Microneedling technique, both are covered on this course!

Here at Creative Touch we have a unique learning structure which allows our learners to engage in their education as soon as they purchase their course. We have an integrated online blended learner system, where you can download your course and being your studies without having to book your in house academy training. Your blended learning platform can be accessed once you have created your account and purchased your course. Its filled with pre study manuals, consultation forms, practical demonstrations and quizzes to test your learning before attending your practical assessment day. We hope this then maximises our learners experience and allows you to explore the course in depth both before and after your academy training day. Your practical day in the academy can be booked in at any point within 120 days of purchase, and on a range of available dates both morning and afternoon Monday to Friday subject to availability. Weekend training may be available upon request.

This course is taught in maximum of 3 delegates for maximising learner experiences.

All equipment, product and models are supplied for training.

Course duration 8 hours.

CPD accredited course gaining 20 points upon completion.

Finance plans available through our Paylater option.

We offer prescriber access to all delegates attending a course should you require one.

Course Details

Price £599


How PRP works
Phlebotomy process
Health & Safety
Treatment areas
Client suitability
Equipment use
Stock list
Consent forms
Pricing structures
Treatment plan


Phlebotomy extraction of blood
Use of a centrifuge
Client consultation
Health & safety & hygiene
Managing expectations
Injection techniques
Live models and practical assignment

Course Dates