PRP Kit Includes 2x Tubes ACD Solution A and Gel 10 mL


Everything you need to complete a PRP treatment is in one handy pack

CE Certified

Highest platelet yield: The PRP/PRF Kit offers the highest platelet yield per millilitre of blood known to contain epidermal, transforming, vascular, fibroblast platelet-derived, collagen-stimulating, and keratinocyte growth factors, which increases the effectiveness of the application.


  • 2 X 10 PRP tubes containing ACD gel
  • 5 ml Luer lock syringe
  • 2ml Luer lock syringe
  • 100mm Drawing up needle
  • Syringe connector
  • Butterfly blood collection needle with vacutainer
  • 2 X 1/2″mm 30G Needles


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PRP tube ACD solution A + Gel ACD Solution A

The best-approved anticoagulant for injection

Gel Separator – for easy and quality separation of PRP and to offer the most convenient extraction of separated PRP.

Triple Sterile Pyrogen Free Volume – 10 mL tubes produce 5ml of plasma.


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