INFINI Premium Skincare – Eye Bag Serum


INFINI Premium Skincare – Eye Bag Serum is a creamy serum designed for care of the sensitive skin of the eye area, which eliminates swelling and symptoms of eyelid skin ageing. Its unique composition rich in emollients, oils and plant extracts brings all-day comfort, velvety smoothness and a feeling of hydration. INFINI Premium Skincare – Eye Bag Serum has a triple action: draining, smoothing and moisturising .The product improves the eye contour for a long time, increases the level of hydration and minimises swelling, guarantee rejuvenated look.

Indications for Use:
Swelling and bruising of the eyelids
Wrinkles and lack of tension
Dryness and dehydration of the skin
Symptoms of tired eyes


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