Nails Courses

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Nail Art (Acrylic)

Do you want to stand out in the nail industry? If the answer is yes this is the course for you if you have a good understanding of acrylic application this course will take your artistic flare to the next level with a range of easy to follow guides. During training you will gain knowledge in how to encapsulation of a range of products including glitter, Ombre in classic pink and white and colour combinations, creating gem clusters, simple 3d flowers, free hand nail art, use of pigments, chrome, sharpie nail art and stamping. Creating a huge range of designs using just a handful of products.

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Nail Art (Gel)

Do you want to take your nail art to the next level without having to charge your client a fortune or paint a 2 hour masterpiece? if so this is the class for you. This class will include application of foils, chromes, pigments, and glitter. The use of stamping plates, simple free hand flowers dots and stripes, Ombre of gel polish, marble patterns, cats eye and a range of quick artistic ideas. Great for high profit margins and fast turnover of work each taking just a few minutes to complete, leaving your clients amazed at every appointment.



Our Online E-Filing Course will teach you safe and effective ways to use an electric nail filing system (e-file). This course covers training for both nail enhancements and gel polish. E-file added to your service will increase speed and reduce the risk of repetitive strain from long hours on a hand file.


Dip Powder Acrylic Extensions

The Kiara Sky Dip System training here at Creative Touch is the only accredited course of its kind, using this easy to follow system you will learn to apply Kiara Sky dip powder in a range of ways to the natural nail and enhancements in half the time of conventional acrylic services. During training a range of techniques are explored including French tips, ombre, baby boomer, full colour and glitter.

30 Minute Treatment!

UV Gel Full Coverage Extensions

Want to produce amazing nail extensions but your client dosent want to sit for 2+ hours? Well our new revolutionary UV gel full coverage extensions can be applied in as little as 10 minutes!!

Full gel extensions pre shaped and apex creating strength and durability in one easy step, giving you all the extra time you need to create beautiful art work.


Foundation Acrylics

Acrylic nail enhancements are an extremely popular nail service offered by many nail technicians. Acrylics are natural looking, strong and very durable. During the course you will be guided through the process and techniques of applying acrylic nail enhancements to a highest standard.


Gel Polish Application

Gel polish is the must have nail treatment, high shine chip resistant and lasting up to 4 weeks what’s not to love? This product is suitable for the natural nail or over extensions set by a UV or LED lamp. This course will teach you how to prepare the nail and apply gel polish to a smooth beautiful finish, and a variety of 10 minute removal techniques.


Manicure & Pedicure

Our manicure and pedicure course will cover all aspects of natural nail care of the hands and feet. This includes filing, shaping, cuticle work and relevant massage. This is one course that covers both treatments to the hands and feet includes matters such as health and safety, contra indications and nail lacquer application. We also look into a range of remedial treatments including hot oil and paraffin wax.