Luxury Facial

Luxury Facial – £175

1 Day in class, with pre study blended learning

Course Overview


Foundation facial training with the luxury finishes! This course is the perfect starting point for anyone wanting to begin a journey in skin care.

Our course looks at the skin in depth, how to identify the client’s individual needs, and create a treatment plan based on this and their budget. 

During the course you will explore:

  • Identifying skin types, needs and conditions
  • Steam
  • Extraction
  • Facial massage
  • Led face mask
  • Face masks
  • Acne prevention
  • Facial serums and skin care products




  • There are no prerequisite’s to attend this course. This course is perfect for those with little or know prior knowledge of beauty services.
  • There is a range of home based knowledge modules for you to complete prior to attending this course.


Course Content 


  • Industry background. 
  • Client consultation, pre and post treatment advice.
  • Relevant anatomy.
  • Contraindications to the treatment.
  • Tools and equipment for the service.
  • Model practical session.
  • Pricing, advertising & social media.

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Industry background

Health and safety

Client consultation

Relevant anatomy


Tools & equipment

Application techniques





Course Dates

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