Qualifi Level 4 Certificate In Anatomy and Physiology for
Aesthetic Practice  



This level 4 Certificate in Anatomy and Physiology in Aesthetic practice will prepare you with the underpinning knowledge needed to start the aesthetic industry. It can add to the route to progress onto Level 5 Certificate in Aesthetic practice if you do not currently meet the prerequisite to train.

The course is comprised of:

1 SAQ (short answer question) work book.

3 x Multiple choice question exams.

You will be required to attend the training centre for at least one day to sit the exams.


The course is made up of 3 mandatory units include:

  • The Biochemistry and Biology of Cells
  • Skin Morphology and the Inflammatory Response
  • Skin Disorders and Diseases relative to Aesthetic Practice

Pre-Requisites to complete this course:

Be at least 18 years of age.

Current level 3 qualification in relevant discipline.

In certain circumstances, learners with considerable experience but no formal/regulated qualifications may be considered. This will be subject to interview with the centre and being able to demonstrate their ability to cope with the demands of the course and assessment.


Course can be paid in full at the time of enrolment or a £300 deposit, then balance 7 days prior to attending for exams.

All training materials are supplied throughout your course. You will need access to a computer and internet to complete this course.

The course structure runs over a freedom self paced educational process. This is you as a learner to apply yourself as in depth as you wish. If the average learner applied 10 hours of study per week a three month timeframe would be expected.

Exam dates cannot be set until mock exam and workbooks are completed remotely.

The learner will be expected to attend the centre at least one day to sit all multiple choice exams but they can be spilt over the duration of the course if preferred, timetables can be flexible to meet the individual learners needs.

This course allows the learner up to 12 months to complete the written workbook and sit exams, but can be completed in as little as 12 weeks if educational hours are applied. The total time frame allocated to complete with a qualification is approximately 160 educational hours.

This is an Ofqual regulated course.

Course Name: Level 4 Certificate In Anatomy and Physiology for Aesthetics Practice

Course Code: 603/7469/X

Awarding Body: Qualifi


Regulated qualifications, also known as accredited qualifications, are those that are reviewed, recognised and monitored by the UK Regulators to ensure that they meet specific criteria and quality
standards. The requirements for the regulated qualifications to be accredited are set out in the regulatory arrangements of the General Conditions of Recognition in England (OfQual).