Sitting Your Exam

On the day of your exam your day will run as follows:

10am arrival, register and settle into class.

To begin with we discuss how the learning journey has been so far, strengths and weakness and how we can fill the gaps in education.

We will then together look over each system in the body ensure you have a thorough understanding of its purpose and function.

Once we have covered all the necessary theory a lunch break will be taken for 45 minutes. This is usually around 1pm.

Once you have has a chance to relax for lunch we will have a last 15 minute personal study time whilst the exam is being prepped.

You will then have up to 2 hours to complete the exam it on average will only take an hour but you have ample of time to take it at your own pace.

The exam is set in exam conditions so no phones or personal belongings are allowed in the room, you may have a pen the exam paper a drink and a piece of paper to make notes on should you wish. No communication will be allowed in the exam with other students, but you can speak directly with the adjudicator who may be able to offer support if appropriate.

The exam will consist of a range of diagrams to identify this for example could be something like muscles, these do change for each exam.

There are then a series of multiple choice questions to answer.

The minimum pass rate is 80% at the exam is based on a pass or fail basis. Resits are offered for those who do not meet the pass grade.

If you have any questions before attending the exam please discuss these with your tutor via email at

The next section will give you an opportunity to have an idea on what to expect within the exam as some practice questions, give them a go see how you feel and return to study to help you practice filling in the gaps of knowledge.