As a learner its important that you can demonstrate capability to effectively execute the service that you have been learning. We do this by getting to complete a range of tasks including a portfolio, we require you to complete three services to complete your portfolio. Your services for your portfolio can be of anywhere on the body for treatment suitability and should include three different areas for example brow, lip and chin. You will need to complete clear before and after pictures, suitability and lay out can be found in your training materials. Full details of submitting your portfolio can be accessed via the link below.


Click to access the portfolio requirements form


Self refection on the services you provide is equally important process in the education stage. To improve the services we provide as a professional we should always evaluate our work look for any room for improvement and changes we may make in order to increase our clients overall experience. Please ensure you complete a client record card, portfolio photo and self evaluation form for a three of your portfolio pieces.


Click to access the self evaluation form