Quick Dip Acrylic

Quick Dip Acrylic Extension & Overlays – £230

1 Day in class, with pre study blended learning

Course Overview


The most effective alternative to acrylics to date! Stronger, faster and healthier to the nail to.

Be able to complete nail extensions in just 30 minutes using this system.

Acrylic dip has the advantage of also being smell free, a big selling point to customers who find the smell of monomer overpowering. 

Acrylic dip is taught for natural nail overlays and tip extension, in both colour and clear for gel polish application. 

Artistic finishes within the class include:

French tips.


Baby boomer.

Full colour.





  • There are no prerequisite’s to attend this course, for optimal results manicure training is advised.
  • Basic nail preparation is covered within the course. 


Course Content 

  • Industry back round, dip acrylic knowledge.
  • Client consultation, pre and post treatment advice.
  •  Relevant anatomy.
  • Contraindications to the treatment.
  • Tools and equipment for the service.
  • Tip application.
  • Dip acrylic application and artistic finishes.
  • Removal process.
  • Pricing, advertising & social media.

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Industry background

Client consultation

Relevant anatomy


Tools and equipment

Application techniques


Demonstration and a practical assignment

Course Dates

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