Hot & Warm Waxing

Hot & Warm Waxing – £199

1 Day in class, with pre study blended learning

Course Overview


Waxing is one of the most popular methods of hair removal in salon today, due to being quick, suited to most individuals, and lasting up to six weeks.

Within this course we look at two of the most popular waxing options of hot wax also known as flexi wax and warm wax to remove unwanted hair across the body.

On completion of your course you will be able to competently be able to remove hair with warm wax to the legs, bikini, underarm, forearm and facial hairs.

Facial waxing includes areas including the lip, chin and.

We cover hot waxing removal for course bikini hair, nose, ears and armpits.





  • There are no prerequisite’s to attend this course. This course is perfect for those with little or know prior knowledge of beauty services.
  • There is a range of home based knowledge modules for you to complete prior to attending this course.


Course Content 


  • Industry background. 
  • Client consultation, pre and post treatment advice.
  • Relevant anatomy.
  • Contraindications to the treatment.
  • Tools and equipment for the service.
  • Model practical session.
  • Pricing, advertising & social media.

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Industry background

Health and safety

Client consultation

Relevant anatomy


Tools & equipment

Application techniques





Course Dates

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