Go Pro Lash Artist

Go Pro Lash Artist – £525

3 Day in class, with pre study blended learning

Course Overview


Looking to become a lash artist?

This collection will help you achieve just that! Our go pro lash artist training package gives you three of the most sought after treatments in the lash industry.

Within this package we cover:

Lash Lift & Tint

Individual Lashes

Hybrids & Volume Lashes using hand made pre fans

‘Russian Lashes’ the art of hand making fans is often time consuming and a difficult art to master, we have created this package to eliminate the need for excessive time to home your skill and replaced it with something that’s instant and equal in quality and finish.

Hand made pre fans are taking the lash industry by storm they look the same, they feel the same, there quicker to apply increasing your availability and improving your financial intake.




  • There are no prerequisite’s to attend this course. This course is perfect for those with little or know prior knowledge of beauty services.


  • There is a range of home based knowledge modules for you to complete prior to attending this course.


Course Content 


  • Industry background. 
  • Client consultation, pre and post treatment advice.
  • Relevant anatomy.
  • Contraindications to the treatments.
  • Tools and equipment for the services.
  • Model practical sessions in each skill.
  • Pricing, advertising & social media.

Training kit is included with this course!

You will need to attend the training school for three days to complete this package.

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Industry background

Health and safety

Client consultation

Relevant anatomy


Tools & equipment

Application techniques





Course Dates

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