Gel Polish Art

Gel Polish Art – £140

1 Day in class, with blended learning materials

Course Overview


Do you dread the words can you paint me something fancy? Well this course is the answer for you! 

What if we told you we can teach you how to create countless designs taking only a few minutes, without the need to be an artist. 

Not everyone’s got the time or patience to create hour’s of nail masterpieces, but with this quick easy steps you can stay on trend, and create endless designs to amaze your client’s. 

During the class we cover the application of:

Foils, chromes, pigments, and glitter

The use of stamping plates

Simple free hand flowers and details

Ombre and marble patterns

Swarovski crystal placements

Spots stripes and quick artistic ideas

Great for high profit and fast turnover work, the tools for any successful nail artist. 




  • There are no prerequisite’s to attend this course. A foundation knowledge or previous training will be required as this course is art only not technique on application of gel polish. 


Course Content 


  • Exploring the inner artist in you!
  • Tools and equipment for the service.
  • Pricing, advertising & social media.

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