Radio Frequency & Cavitation For Fat Dissolving

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Fat dissolving is an extremely popular treatment in aesthetic clinics creating a non surgical way of removing stubborn fat with little to no down time.

We are always looking at ways to enhance and upscale our services to give even greater results, the collaboration of fat dissolving with radio frequency and ultrasonic cavitation does exactly this.

Results are often improved by up to 50%, creating no additional discomfort to the client and completed in under 60 minutes this add on aids both great results and high profit margins.

This course covers the skills and knowledge to incorporate this skill within your fat dissolving service. It also covers a wide range of knowledge and information in fat dissolving services using industry favourite products including Aqualyx and Deso face and body.

CPD accredited training.


Current CPD certification in fat dissolving is required to use this skill.

Please always check with your insurance provider for insurability of the course within your policy. It is the responsibility of the purchaser to ensure insurance can be obtained.

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