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Henna Brows are one of the most popular brow trends currently offered within the beauty industry. This is a natural alternative to other services such as tinting as its plant based making it an appealing option for colouring the brow and creating a more expressive brow. Henna is also known to create a longer lasting effect to the skin compared to tint which gives them a denser, fuller finish to the brow.

During your course you will learn a range of techniques to complete your service to having a perfect brow this includes colour theory, brow mapping for symmetry, using tweezers, waxing and trimming.

Henna brow treatments take just 30 minutes to complete, making it a salon favourite in brow services reaching a top end price of about £50 a service its a brilliant profitable service to be offering.

This service is great for building up long term client base as the service will be repeated approximately every 6 weeks and can easily be combined with a combination of services such as lashes or facials giving you opportunity to upsell.

CPD accredited course.

This course requires a portfolio.

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