Fat Dissolving Manual & Injection Template

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Are you trained in fat dissolving but wish to expand your knowledge and refresh your skill? Well this purchase is the right option for you.

This in depth manual covers industry favourites Aqualyx and Deso there benefits and injection techniques. Our course materials have a wealth of knowledge in:

  • Fat and the process of destroying it
  • A range of pain relief options including lidocaine protocols
  • How to maximise results on a service
  • Contraindications
  • Pricing structures
  • Product knowledge
  • Aftercare
  • Repeat services

The second manual has a large variety of popular injection sites, parameters and product including areas such as:

Facial Contour, Jowl, Chin, Buffalo Hump, Arms, Arm Pit Bra Bulge, Male Moobs, Flanks, Tummy, Upper Abdominal, Bra Line, Flanks, Hips, Banana Roll, Mons Pubis, Inner Thigh and Outer Thighs.

A demonstration video of two fat dissolving services is also included within this purchase.

** these materials are for additional knowledge and understanding for already qualified therapists this is not a course that gains a qualification**