Course Overview

Do you want to take your nail art to the next level without having to charge your client a fortune or paint a 2 hour masterpiece? if so this is the class for you.

This class will teach you the correct application of foils, chromes, pigments, and glitter. The use of stamping plates, simple free hand flowers and details, ombre of gel polish, marble patterns, cats eye and a range of spots stripes and quick artistic ideas.

Great for high profit and fast turnover work, leaving your clients amazed at every appointment.

No model is requiried, all equipment is included and a free goodie bag with samples of the products you have been using to take away with you to!!



A gel polish qualification will be required to attend this course

  • Course Details

    industry back ground, product knowledge, contra-indications, application techniques, removal and redesigns.

  • Dates

    29th January / 25th March / 6th May / 17th June