Combined Fat Dissolving

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Its every clients worst nightmare that stubborn fat pocket, no matter how much we try the double chin and mum tums just don’t shift, this highly sought after treatment will rid clients of that un wanted fat permanently in as little as 30 minutes.

Aqualyx and Deso are leading market contenders of fat dissolving products. The solution is a water-based solution consisting of deoxycholic acid. Once injected into the fatty tissues it surrounds the cells and destroys them permanently. Fat is broken down and the fat cells are then excreted by the body safely as waste.

This course includes the use of injection and intralipotherapy cannula techniques.

Fat dissolving target areas during training include:



Arm pit hang over.

Tummy and hips.

Love handles.


Thighs inner and outer.

Banana roll under the bottom.

Mons Pubis (Beetle bonnet).

Lower back.

Bra Line.

Male Moobs.

This service is quick effective and highly profitable with services starting at £150 taking as little as 15 minutes to complete potential earnings weekly range into the thousands.

The course includes all theory based work morning then a short break followed by an afternoon of clinic hands on practical assignments.

Here at Creative Touch we have a unique learning structure which allows our learners to engage in their education as soon as they purchase their course. We have an integrated online blended learner system, where you can download your course and being your studies without having to book your in house academy training. Your blended learning platform can be accessed once you have created your account and purchased your course. Its filled with pre study manuals, consultation forms, practical demonstrations and quizzes to test your learning before attending your practical assessment day. We hope this then maximises our learners experience and allows you to explore the course in depth both before and after your academy training day.

Classes size is 2/3 delegates. 1/2/1 training available upon request incur of a 35% cost increase.

All equipment, product and models are supplied for training.

You may model for this treatment if you wish during your training at no cost please let us know before attending if you wish to take part as a model.

Course duration 10am to 5pm.

CPD accredited course gaining 10 CPD points upon completion.

Finance plans available through our Paylater option.

We offer prescriber access to all delegates attending a course should you require one.

Course Details

Price £699


Anatomy review

Health & safety 

Product knowledge

Client benefits

Treatment areas
Treatment protocol
Needle techniques


Practical session

Course Dates

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