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Interval Training – Teletype

by Elena Bilyk

Interval training

Based on materials by Aleksey Faleev, master of sports in powerlifting of Russia.

Metabolism is the metabolic rate in the body. Simply put, this is the speed with which our body lives. In general, metabolism is a rather complicated process, during which the body breaks down the nutrients contained in food and produces the energy necessary for life.

Fat people have a slow metabolism. This leads to the fact that the metabolic processes are sluggish, a person becomes slow, slow-moving. Most often, a slower metabolism leads to atopic constipation.

Therefore, one of our main tasks will be to increase the rate of exchange processes. As your metabolic rate increases, you begin to burn calories faster, which will lead to weight loss: the faster the processes in your body occur, the more slender and more flexible you will become.

There is a way to speed up. This method is a short physical exertion at a ragged pace.

There is a widespread opinion that in order to burn fat, it is necessary to perform aerobic exercises, for example, to run on a treadmill for 30-40 minutes, or pedal the exercise bike, walk on a stepper, elliptical trainer, etc.

But large-scale studies of physiologists refute this stereotype.

For example, during one of these studies, scientists at the University of Laval (Canada) measured the difference in weight loss between two groups of people who performed two different exercise programs.

The first group was engaged on the exercise bike 4-5 times a week and burned an average of 300-400 kcal for each 30-45 minute workout.

The participants of the second group did this only once a week, and the remaining 3-4 classes were conducted in the mode of short accelerations. They got up on the pedals and twisted them as fast as they could, for 30-90 seconds, then rested and repeated this process several more times. As a result, for one such training they burned an average of 200-250 kcal.

The results of this study were astounding. Despite the fact that the second group practiced much less, by the end of the study, the participants of the second group dropped nine times more fat than the participants of the first!

The researchers concluded that most of the fat burned not at the training, but after it.

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Therefore, it does not matter how many calories you spend in training. Much more important is the speed to which you have accelerated the metabolism, because the increased metabolic rate will allow you to actively burn fat for another 15-20 hours after a workout.

Prolonged aerobic exercise is performed at a light or medium pace, so it cannot accelerate the metabolic rate. But training with acceleration (it is also called "ragged pace training", or "interval training") perfect for that.

At the same time, which is very important, this interval training takes very little time – only 7-10 minutes, so it can be done daily, for example, in the morning – as a morning exercise.

So, remember, the key to burning fat through exercise is the use of interval training. During such training, periods of high-intensity movements alternate with periods of low-intensity movements. Such a mode of load will cause your body to burn calories for a long time after completing a workout.

Interval training is reminiscent of real sport – movement in the rhythm of start-stop alternate with rest periods: football players, boxers, basketball players spend most of their training in this mode.

In interval training, you can use any type of exercise – running, cycling, elliptical trainers, and even walking (if you alternate a quick step with a slow one).

Therefore, for interval training, you can use any simulator available to you, but if you do not have any simulator at home, then it does not matter.

In this case, I propose to use for interval training jogging on the spot. It does not require any simulator, and the load level can be arbitrarily changed according to your own feelings – i.e. You can run faster or slower.

The best training option is the pyramid load pattern, i.e. such when training begins with short accelerations, the longest accelerations occur in the middle of the training, and towards the end, the duration of accelerations gradually decreases.

Here is a rough load plan (diagram 30-45-60-90-60-45-30):

30 seconds of fast running on the spot

fast running spot

then 1 minute of rest,

45 seconds of fast running on the spot

then 1 minute of rest,

60 seconds of fast running on the spot

then 1 minute of rest,

90 seconds of fast running on the spot

then 1 minute of rest,

60 seconds of fast running on the spot

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then 1 minute of rest,

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45 seconds of fast running on the spot

then 1 minute of rest,

30 seconds of fast running on the spot.

Such training will take you only 12 minutes, but it will accelerate the metabolism, and

calories after such a workout will be burned for another day.

You can do every day.

At first, such a load scheme, of course, will seem too heavy, so we will proceed very carefully and gradually to it. So that you do not have a feeling of disgust for this kind of load.

And for this we will add only one cycle per week.

Those. The stanabol results first week we do only 30 seconds of running and this concludes the training.

In the second week, we add one cycle and do: 30 seconds of running, then 1 minute of rest and another 45 seconds of running (ie, 30-45).

Next week we add another cycle and do: 30 seconds of running, then 1 minute of rest and another 45 seconds of running, 1 minute of rest and 60 seconds of running (ie, 30-45-60).

And so on.

So, as your training increases, we will gradually increase the exercise time and bring the whole scheme to the end.

(I note that if you do this workout twice a day (in the morning and in the evening), the effect will be even more pronounced. But, I remind you, do not allow violence against yourself. Everything should be comfortable. Do the second workout only if she is comfortable for you.)

Of course, it is not necessary to do exactly running on the spot. Start from your well-being. For example, if you have too much weight, running on the spot will give too much load for the joints, in this case, replace running with squats and use the above scheme 30-45-60-90-60-45-30 for squats.

If squats are difficult for you, then start with a quick walk, alternating periods of the fastest pace with periods of slow. For example, a few minutes you go fast, then a few minutes – slowly. And so all the way.

However, some may like jumping with a rope in warm clothes. This is also a great way to dramatically speed up the metabolism in the shortest time. Training with a rope with time will take no more than 15 minutes. And it will be necessary to begin with only 2 minutes. But it’s possible to allocate 2 minutes a day for sports.

So, do this. Wear winter clothing – a fur coat (sheepskin coat, down jacket), hat, winter warm pants. However, some cost just a warm bathrobe and a warm tracksuit.

Put some cotton on your body to absorb sweat. I warn you at once – there will be a lot of sweat NATURAL BODYBUILDING – PROGRESS WITHOUT STEROIDS | Wedel\’s Nursery, Florist and Garden Center.

We take a rope and jump 2 minutes. All training is over. If possible – do not rush to the bathroom immediately. Walk in this warm clothes for 5-10 minutes – so you sweat more.

The next day, we increase the time by 30 seconds and jump for 2 minutes 30 seconds. And so every day we increase the time of jumping by 30 seconds.

Thus, if you jump without breaks every day, then in less than 1 month you will reach 15 minutes. On these 15 minutes we stop and jump adhering to this time.

You can jump 5 days a week, but best of all every day. If you do not give up these classes, then after 2 months only on these jumps will you reduce the size of your clothes by at least two sizes. By the way, jumping with a rope is also a variant of interval training, because periodic short stops during jumps are inevitable.

seconds fast running spot

So, the task of this week is to conduct a small workout at least 5 times a week (an interval of 8-12 minutes workout or jumping with a rope), which will significantly increase the metabolic rate, and hence speed up the process of movement to harmony. During the city walks, try to move in "torn" mode, alternating periods of fast stride and slow stride.

And finally, I want to say a few words about aerobic workouts, which continue to be considered by most people as the only option for fat loss exercises.

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In fact, this is a dangerous delusion.

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The fact is that excessive enthusiasm for aerobic workouts inhibits fat burning!

To understand why this is happening, we will have to touch on some issues of our physiology.

In humans, there is a universal energy accumulator – this is adenosine triphosphate (ATP).

The human body receives ATP in various ways from various sources. The way the body tends to receive ATP, or, more simply, energy, indirectly determines its tendency to either fat deposition or thinness.

In total, there are three main sources of energy (ATP source): the breakdown of creatine phosphate; glycolysis; oxygen oxidation.

The first two energy sources (splitting of creatine phosphate and glycolysis) do not require the presence of oxygen, i.e. are anaerobic.

Creatine phosphate splitting system is used for short-term, intensive work. The molecules of our muscle cells divide to produce energy, and creatine phosphate restores these molecules so that even more energy can be produced. This system is especially important for high-intensity workouts, such as weight training, sprint, jumping, throwing, etc.

This process lasts for only 10 seconds. After 10 seconds of high-intensity loading, the reserves of creatine phosphate in the muscles will be used, and the body will switch to using the next energy source, glycolysis.

The anaerobic glycolysis system is also anaerobic. Glycolysis plays an important role in the energy supply of exercises, the duration of which ranges from 30 seconds to 150 seconds. These include middle-distance running, swimming 100-200m, cycling races, long accelerations.

This system uses glucose, which is present in our blood or glycogen from the muscles and liver.

The latter system – oxygen oxidation – is aerobic, because actively uses oxygen. This system is directly involved in aerobic training. The source of energy during oxygen oxidation can be both fat, and proteins and carbohydrates.

Oxidation of fats occurs in the mitochondria with the obligatory use of molecular oxygen, which, to a large extent, limits the speed of this process. This system provides basic metabolic processes, as well as long-lasting muscular work of moderate power.

Fats are the main substrate for mitochondrial oxidation. Another name for this process is tissue respiration, and not only fats can be used in it, but they are the most beneficial fuel for this energy supply mechanism.

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So, we briefly reviewed the issue of energy supply to the muscles of ATP. But what happens next with this ATP?

The fact is that the muscles in their structure are very similar to a telescopic antenna. The movement in the muscles occurs due to the fact that the outer part of the antenna – actin thread, slides along the inner part of the antenna – myosin filament.

Actin glides along myosin due to the presence of side branches in myosin, called bridges. These bridges play the role of a kind of oars, pushing with which myosin and actin move relative to each other, as the boat moves along the surface of the water.

ATP using calcium cations and ATPases "charges" myosin energy, which is used for adhesions to actin and to move the actin filament to one "step".

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And there is one important feature.

Myosin can have different (more or less) ATPase activity, therefore, in general, different types of myosin are released – fast myosin is characterized by high ATPase activity, slow myosin is characterized by lower ATPase activity.

Actually, therefore, the rate of contraction of muscle fibers is determined by the type of myosin. Fibers with high ATPase activity are called fast fibers, fibers characterized by low ATPase activity are called slow fibers.

Fast fibers require a high rate of ATP reproduction, which can only be achieved by glycolysis, since, unlike oxidation, it does not take time to deliver oxygen to the mitochondria and deliver energy from them to the intracellular fluid.

Therefore, fast fibers (also called white fibers) prefer the glycolytic way of ATP reproduction. For a high rate of energy production, white fibers are paid with rapid fatigue, since glycolysis leads to the formation of lactic acid, the accumulation of which causes muscle fatigue and eventually stops its work.

Slow fibers do not require such a rapid replenishment of ATP reserves and use the oxidation path to meet Natural Bodybuilding – bodybuilding for beginners – Jamo TV energy requirements. Slow fibers are also called red fibers. These fibers are surrounded by a mass of capillaries, which are necessary for the delivery of large amounts of oxygen with blood. Energy red fibers are obtained by oxidation of carbohydrates and fatty acids in the mitochondria. Slow fibers are low fatigue and are able to maintain relatively small, but long-lasting stress.

But our body adapts to one or another type of physical activity. If a person often trains fast (white) fibers, then the whole body begins to adapt to such training, and eventually acquires an increased ability to mobilize:

– the quantity of fast fibers gradually increases;

– because the main source of energy is creatine phosphate and glycogen in muscles and liver, then the effect of super-restoration takes effect, which leads to a gradual increase in the reserves of creatine phosphate and glycogen;

– the type of nervous system changes, since to maintain the speed-strength characteristics of the muscular system, it must become more and more mobile;

– the work of the endocrine system changes, which is now capable of more productively stimulating the mobilization of resources in stressful situations, and also begins to stimulate the processes of anabolism and deposition much less.

In short, since the body uses glycogen as the main source of energy, the body directs all its strength to the accumulation of glycogen and to become more mobile.

As a result, the person becomes less prone to gaining excess weight. He gradually becomes a category of people. "I eat a lot, not fat".

seconds fast running spot

If a person with the help of constant aerobic exercise trains slow (red) fibers, then the whole body begins to adapt to such a load. And in the end:

– the amount of red fibers gradually increases;

– because the main source of energy is fat, then the whole organism will strive to accumulate this fat as soon as possible;

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– the type of nervous system changes, since to perform a long monotonous work, it should become less and less mobile;

– the work of the endocrine system is changing, which is now aimed at stimulating the process of depositing (storing) fat.

Those. if the body uses fat as its main source of energy, then it will accumulate it as soon as possible.

In general, a person becomes more prone to gaining excess weight.

Conclusion: with frequent aerobic training the body gets used to using fats as an energy source.

That is why parabol steroid at the first opportunity he will try to accumulate these fats as much as possible and faster, because all the systems of the body are tuned to this particular source of energy.

This suggests that aerobic training in general makes a person more susceptible to weight gain.

Aerobic exercise is a temporary tactical gain, but a great strategic loss.

This explains why so many former ballet dancers and aerobics trainers have a high degree of obesity.

Yes, while they were doing aerobic exercise, they lost weight. But the same aerobic load made them more prone to the accumulation of excess weight. And in the end, as soon as they stopped classes, they immediately began to rapidly gain weight.

The transition to interval training will be salvation in this situation.

But, I would like to emphasize: rare aerobic exercise (for example, only once a week) will not do any harm, but it will positively affect the work of the heart.

So task

Write down what type of exercise for interval training you have chosen, how many times a week you have trained.

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