Go Pro Volume Lashes.

Do you want to offer volume lashes without the hassle and hours of hard work of making your own fans? Our Go Pro course is the answer! Complete a set of volume lashes in half the time making twice the profit, this course includes styles such as full volume, spikes and hybrid.


Individual Lashes.

During this course learn how to perfect the art of 1-on-1 individual lash extensions in the comfort of your own home. Once complete you’ll be able to offer full sets of semi-permanent lashes to clients who want added volume and length to their natural lashes. This course has extensive training material, video step by step and full tutor support during your training programme.


Lash Lift & Tint.

Our lash lift and tinting course has been created to teach you the skills to be able to competently offer both effective lash lifts and eyelash tinting to your clients. A flexible service suited to salons, working from home or mobile treatments creates great option and flexible working options. This treatment dramatically enhances the eye and reduce the need for daily make-up application, therefore proving to be extremely popular treatments to offer for busy people with no time for the upkeep of extensions.