Biotin IM Injection

Biotin Intramuscular Injection – £200

1/2 Day clinical practice, with pre study blended learning

Course Overview


With a growing aesthetic industry always looking to bring the next best thing to our clients. Vitamins are a popular choice for any busy clinic.

Vitamin injection’s are cost effective with great profit margins. Quick to administer and create a wealth of returning clients.

The course is combined in house and online pre theory study which allows learners to engage in their education as soon as they are enrolled, gaining access to training manuals, video demonstrations and downloadable consultation and aftercare templates.

Throughout the morning session the courses focuses upon theory and product knowledge. During the afternoon you will partake in a practical treatments on a range of models. 

Biotin is beneficial to everyone, even if you do not have a deficiency and is known to have positive impact and aid many benefits including:

  • Aid in healthy sweat glands.
  • Nerve tissue and bone marrow.
  • Improves acne and eczema.
  • Strengthen hair and nails.
  • Aid in preventing hair loss.
  • Increases red blood cell production – Protects brain function- alleviation of mild depression – Helps regulate blood sugars.
  • Increase metabolism and speed up weight loss.
  • Improves blood glucose.




  • Healthcare Practitioner, Medic or Nursing back round.
  • SPMU practitioner 6 months+ experience.
  • Progression Route into Aesthetics (access course available).
  • NVQ Level 3 Beauty therapist with 6 months experience in a blood breaking service.


Course Content 

  • Benefits of Biotin.
  • Anatomy and physiology related to treatment.
  • Contraindications of the service.
  • Health & hygiene, clinical waste and needle stick injuries.
  • Pre and post treatment procedures.
  • Injection techniques.
  • Pharmacy set up, accessing products and partnering with prescriber’s.
  • Managing complications, reviews and aftercare.
  • Marketing, pricing and social media.

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