Multi Vitamin Masterclass

The all for one intramuscular class in vitamins including: B12, C, D, Biotin and Glutathione


CPD Level 3 Anatomy & Physiology

Knowledge is power! In this anatomy and physiology course you will develop comprehension of the structure and function of the human body, of the inter relation of the body systems within the human organism and develop an understanding of the principles of human anatomy and physiology.

Ofqual Regulated

Ofqual Level 3 Award In Understanding Human Anatomy & Physiology

The level 3 Ofqual regulated human anatomy and physiology training course. Completely home based education learn in your own time.


Level 4 Award In Facial Anatomy & Physiology



Our online Glutathione training course is designed to teach you the safe and effective administration via intramuscular injection.


Lidocaine For PDO Threads

Are you already trained in PDO threads but do not currently offer a pain free service, well now you can! This course covers an in depth understanding of the purpose of Lidocaine and how to use it in a safe and effective manner.


Radio Frequency & Cavitation For Fat Dissolving

Radio frequency and ultrasonic cavitation incorporated into a fat dissolving service can increase overall results by up to 50%. These add on services enhance product distribution, increase the speed at which fat breaks down and increases skin tightening to the treated area. This course teaches you how to incorporate these services within fat dissolving across the body.


Deso Fat Dissolving

Fat dissolving at its best remove and contour all in one! Deso has two unique formulas one specific for the face to create contour and remove those stubborn unwanted fat pockets. One specific for the body stronger in concentration than other leading brands it gives fantastic results time and time again. During your course we cover a range of techniques including needle technique, intralipotherapy and administering Lidocaine to create a pain free treatment.

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Prescription Weight Loss

This course covers the effective use of 3 types of weight loss products widely used to aid the loss of additional lbs those struggle to loose! During the course you will understand client selection, product selection, doses and weight management.

New course

Lidocaine Infusion / Dental Block

The game changer in making lip filler treatments pain free! A simple and effective set of injections to make lip augmentation a painless experience.

Safety First!

Management Of Anaphylaxis Adrenaline & Autoinjector

The management of anaphylaxis course includes a full and in depth knowledge of how to identify the symptoms of anaphylaxis, and how to administer adrenaline via ampoule injection and auto injector.

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Filler Dissolving Elective & Emergency

Already trained in dermal fillers? Starting education? This course is great for those at all stages looking to increase their knowledge with dealing with elective and emergency dissolving.


Lidocaine For Fat Dissolving

Are you already trained in fat dissolving but shy away as your client's find it painful? This course covers an in depth understanding of fat dissolving and how to remove the discomfort entirely with the use of Lidocaine.


Aqualyx Fat Dissolving

Aqualyx is world famous for its power to drive through fat and destroy it on a permanent basis. We look at a wide variety of areas that can be treated, using this product to remove stubborn unwanted far pockets to both men and women in needle and intralipotherapy application techniques.


Hay Fever Injections

This course equips you with the knowledge how to administer Kenalog injections safely. To identify client suitability and timeframe for optimal results.

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Biotin shots are great for growing and strengthening hair, skin, and nails. This is a naturally occurring B Vitamin, B7 to be exact, that we can never get enough in our food consumption. Biotin helps turn the carbs, fats, and proteins in the food you eat into energy to fuel your body.

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Vitamin D

Our intensive vitamin D injection training course is highly informative and structured to provide essential knowledge in consultations & diagnosis, intramuscular injection technique and health & safety.


Vitamin C

Many people take vitamin C for general health or to boost their immune system, it’s also taken to treat vitamin C deficiency. This intense online course will teach you the fundamental knowledge required to identify the need and correct administering of ascorbic acid vitamin C injection.


Vitamin B12

Our Vitamin B12 training course is designed to teach you the safe and effective administration of Vitamin B12 via intramuscular injection.