Advanced Botulinum Toxin

Advanced Botulinum Toxin – £849

1 Day clinical practice, with pre study blended learning

Course Overview


Creative Touch’s foundation advanced Botulinum Toxin class takes foundation knowledge to the next level, expanding your understanding and being able to offer your clients a wide variety of additional services.

The course is combined in house and online pre theory study which allows learners to engage in their education as soon as they are enrolled, gaining access to training manuals, video demonstrations and downloadable consultation and aftercare templates.

Throughout the morning session the course focuses upon theory and product knowledge. During the afternoon you will partake in a ‘hands on injector session’. Working with models under the supervision of our experienced aesthetics educator.

During your practical training all delegates experience a direct approach in the delivery of Botulinum Toxin services to:

Brow Lift

Bunny Lines

Nasal Slimming

Under Eye Bag, Jelly Roll

Gummy Smile

Lip Flip

Barcode Lines

Marionette Lines

Chin Dimple

Masseter Muscle / Teeth Grinding

Facial Slimming

Platysmal Bands / Neck Lift

Hyperhidrosis / Anti Sweating





This course is suited to delegates who have previously undertaken foundation Botulinum Toxin training and can access appropriate insurance. This course takes your foundation knowledge to the next step allowing you to expand your knowledge in the use of Botulinum Toxin and administering it to a range of advanced treatments.


Course Content 


  • An overview of foundation Botulinum Toxin services, recap on preparation, dosage and treatment techniques.
  • History of Botulinum Toxin, and the difference between medical and aesthetical uses.
  • Anatomy and physiology related to advanced Botulinum toxin. 
  • Regulated v unregulated Botulinum toxin.
  • Contraindications of the service.
  • Health & hygiene, clinical waste and needle stick injuries. 
  • Pre and post treatment procedures.
  • Injection techniques.
  • Pharmacy set up, accessing products and partnering with prescriber’s. 
  • Managing complications, reviews and aftercare.
  • Marketing, pricing and social media.
  • Practical session.

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