• Lash Lift &Tint

    Enhance your natural lashes by creating a beautiful natural curls and adding rich glossy colour to the lashes for that ultimate pop

    Lash lift and tint £30 (45 minutes treatment)



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  • Tinting Services

    Colour and enhance the natural features to the face

    Lash Tinting £12

    Brow Tinting £7


    £7 - £12

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  • Lash Extensions

    Here at Creative Touch we offer a wide variety of lash treatments including

    Cluster Party Lashes £20

    7 day wear clusters perfect for special occasions such as short holidays and prom

    Express Individuals £25

    45 minutes express application suitable for 2-3 weeks wear but are not in fillable.

    Individual semi permanent £30

    Infills £20

    Natural individual lashes creating length and volume, requiring 2-3 weekly maintenance for keeping in perfect condition. 1.5 hour treatment.

    Pre fanned Clusters £35

    infills £20

    Pre created fans in a range of fans from 3d to 10d creating xl volume in just one hour average 4 weeks wear.

    Hybrid volume £40

    infills £25

    Individual and pre fan layered finish to create a subtle volume look for those not wanting to go full Russian volume. 1.5 hour treatment.

    Russian Volume 2-4d £50

    infills £35

    Light fluffy and beautiful all in 1 a range of 2d-4d fans creating a beautiful soft fluffy finish. 2 hour


    £20 - £50

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