Candles with indomethacin for prostatitis, what else…


Candles with indomethacin for prostatitis, what else... Candles with indomethacin for prostatitis: what else is in their composition, what should be the dosage and how many days to use them
According to what indications prescribed rectal suppositories with indomethacin, what else is included in the composition of the drug and how to use it for prostatitis.

What helps candles with indomethacin for prostatitis and what else is included in their composition

Often, to relieve pain and reduce puffiness, doctors prescribe treatment with Indometacin suppositories, as they quite effectively cope with such symptoms. Therefore, this drug is often prescribed to patients with problems in the prostate gland (with prostatitis and adenoma). Let us consider in more detail how candles with indomethacin affect the body in case of similar diseases, and how to use it.

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  • Drug description
  • Useful video: instructions on candles with indomethacin
  • Indomethacin in prostate diseases
  • Indomethacin Suppositories for Prostatitis
  • Candles Indomethacin for adenoma
  • Side effects of candles
  • Analogs
  • Useful video: review and review of the drug Indometacin
  • Conclusion

Drug description

Candles for prostatitis are introduced into the anus. The main component of the drug affects the body as follows: eliminates inflammation, relieves pain and reduces the temperature.

When the drug is absorbed into the general bloodstream, the production of prostaglandin hormone, which stimulates the formation of the inflammatory process and pain, is inhibited.

The course treatment helps to get rid of chronic inflammatory processes in the joints, eliminate pain and stiffness in the morning. A stable result can be seen after seven days of treatment with this drug.

Important! Candles for the treatment of prostatitis range from 70 to 400 rubles, depending on the manufacturer of the drug.

Useful video: instructions on candles with indomethacin

Indomethacin in prostate diseases

In urology, suppositories are prescribed to the representatives of the male in the presence of ailments in the prostate gland in various what is palumboism forms (prostatitis, adenoma, etc.). For the treatment of such diseases, indomethacin rectal suppositories should be inserted into the anus, so the active component is distributed more quickly to the integuments and mucous membranes. The drug helps to quickly relieve pain in diseases of the prostate, reduces the inflammatory process. If you constantly use the medication, the inflammation stops already at the beginning of the second week of treatment.

Indomethacin treatment candle contains auxiliary components that contribute to increased blood flow in the integument of the intestine and in the prostate gland itself, thereby restoring blood vessels.

Preparations with indomethacin help to prevent the formation of thrombosis, due to this, in the prostate gland in men there will be no stagnation of secretions.

It should be noted that males with indomethacin are prescribed to the representatives of the male sex only as a complex treatment with other drugs. When an infection is found in the genitals, the use of antibiotics is usually prescribed by a urologist.

The most popular manufacturers are such companies:

  • in Russia – Biosynthesis and Altfarm;
  • in Bulgaria – Sopharma;
  • in Italy – Berlin Hemi (representative of the pharmaceutical organization Menarini).

Indomethacin Suppositories for Prostatitis

Use and dispense indomethacin suppositories for prostatitis should be in accordance with medical recommendations. The use of the medication should be regular, the best option is to use in the evening. Before you enter the candle with indomethacin for prostatitis, it is necessary to completely empty the intestines. The doctor determines the dosage individually for each patient, but, as a rule, the following scheme of using the drug is recommended:

  • adult patients – one candle one or two times a day (this is due to the dosage of the main component in suppositories);
  • patients in adolescence (over 14 years) – one candle with indomethacin with a dosage of 0.05 g twice a day;
  • elderly patients – one candle one or two times a day (this is due to the dose of the main component in each suppository).

The permitted daily dosage of indomethacin is 200 mg (four suppositories of 0.05 g each or two of 0.1 g each). When this threshold is reached, the risk of side effects is greatly increased.

If indomethacin is prescribed for prostate, urologists recommend that the patient adhere to certain requirements:

  • alcohol-containing products should be completely eliminated for the duration of the course therapy from the diet;
  • must be included in the diet of healthy food.
Candles with indomethacin for prostatitis, what else...

The patient will have to abandon pickled products, fatty and salty foods. It is also prohibited to use canned food and sweets during treatment. The use of tea infused on medicinal plants is recommended. Such preventive measures provide an opportunity to get rid of the symptoms of prostatitis within 1-1.5 months.

The allowed daily dosage of indomethacin is 200 mg

Candles Indomethacin for adenoma

The dosage of the drug in the treatment of adenoma is prescribed by the attending physician. This is due to the fact that the required amount of medication must be determined in accordance with the individual characteristics of the patient. Indeed, with the wrong dosage, serious complications are possible.

As a rule, an adult man and a child older than 14 years of age are given 25 or 50 mg of the drug twice during the day.

If necessary, the dosage may be increased, but only after consulting a urologist. In case of exceeding the daily maxpro steroids dosage (200 mg) of the drug, complications may occur.

As with the treatment of prostatitis, the doctor recommends to abandon the use of alcoholic beverages and adhere to a healthy diet.

Suppositories are inserted rectally, that is, into the rectum. Instructions for use:

  1. In the case when the candle is too soft for insertion into the anus, you should hold it in cold water for half an hour before removing the packaging, or store the medicine in the refrigerator.
  2. The wrapper is removed and the candle is wetted in a small amount of water.
  3. You should lie on your left side and slightly raise your right knee. If the patient is left-handed, you must lie on your right side and lift your left knee.
  4. The suppository is inserted into the anus about 2.5 cm by finger.
  5. After the introduction of the drug you need to stay in the same position for several minutes. Avoid bowel movements for at least one hour for complete absorption into the rectum of the drug.

After the suppository is inserted into the anus, the patient may notice the formation of a tingling sensation or a sensation of a foreign object in the rectal area. Such symptoms do not imply a rejection of therapy; it can go away on its own when the suppository is completely dissolved.

Candle introduction


Side effects of candles

Can indomethacin be used for various concomitant diseases in the treatment of prostatitis? Indomethacin Suppositories are not recommended for use in patients who suffer from liver or kidney disease. Also, they are not prescribed in the presence of such diseases as cardiovascular insufficiency, arterial hypertension or erosion of the skin.

This drug is forbidden to use during pregnancy (especially in late periods), as well as in children who are under the age of fourteen years. Specialists do not recommend the use of drugs in the lactation period.

Any person who uses such suppositories for treatment should be periodically examined by a specialist to check the health of the hepatic and renal systems.

Important! It should be noted that candles should not be used in combination with a drug such as acetylsalicylic acid.

This drug enhances the effect on the body of anticoagulants.. Doctors do not advise using this drug before driving or at work that requires special attention from the person.

Tachycardia is a rare side effect of the drug

During use of the drug there is the possibility of manifestation of various adverse reactions. You can often notice the appearance of such symptoms:

  • after the introduction of the suppository, the patient develops nausea, gradually turning into vomiting;
  • in some cases, there are complaints of pain in the peritoneum;
  • it is possible the difference of various disorders in the digestive process, or increased gas formation;
  • in some patients, suppositories can cause bleeding;
  • in some cases, course therapy leads to the formation of an apathetic state or migraines;
  • dizziness, sleep dysfunction, headache may occur;
  • there are complaints of severe fatigue;
  • sometimes blood pressure may increase, or tachycardia and arrhythmia develop;
  • in some cases, an allergic reaction may develop on the patient’s skin, or inflammation on the skin;
  • in rare cases, there is the possibility of impaired hearing.


In some cases, for some reason, it is necessary to replace suppositories with indomethacin. In such a situation, you can use analogues. These drugs include Metindol, Ketoprofen, Diclofenac, Movimed and others.

Useful video: review and review of the drug Indometacin


If candles are used for a long time dimethazine reviews, it is necessary to examine the blood, because sometimes patients after using this drug there is a disorder in the circulation.

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