Course Overview

The hottest facial trend on the market right now! Leaves the skin with the most beautiful natural shine after the removal of vellus hair and outer layer of dead skin. Dermaplaning can be used as a one off treatment for a flawless finish for a special occasion such as a wedding or prom, or as a regular part of your clients skin maintenance on a monthly basis. This is a highly popular treatment for both salon and inderpendant therapists, taking just 40 minutes to complete. Its extremely popular and achieves great results every time.

Luxury kit includes enough equipment to complete 20 treatments with a protentional client value of £800 based on a £40 treatment

No model is requiried for this course
Fully accredited training, no experience required



no prevous experience requiried to attend this course

  • Course Details

    Industry background, client consultation, relevant anatomy, contra-indications, tools and equipment, treatment process, aftercare

  • Dates

    20th January / 19th February / 30th March / 19th May / 30th June